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My passion for health & wellbeing stems from my first-hand experience of the life-changing role that optimal nutrition, exercise, natural health support and holistic wellness practices have on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. For me, all of these now form an integral part of the prescription for living a life of health and longevity ..... and the deep inner-knowing that you are fully deserving of it all.

Meeting you in the now.

By seeing you, listening to you, and hearing you with compassionate understanding, I can meet you where you are at and set the wheels in motion with the 90-day health and wellness programme that I have created. This includes: nutrition monitoring and advice that is reflective of your goals; activity guidance and workout routines via an easy-to-use app; and coaching support around creating habits and lifestyle changes. My aim is for you to make changes that are realistic and sustainable to support your personal growth, as you find the freedom to eat for you, move for you and live for you in a way that aligns with your goals of becoming a higher version of yourself.

Illuminating Your Path.

Using a range of holistic approaches, the 90 Days For Life programme draws on my own knowledge, skill-base, experience and beliefs. You will benefit from a combination of my accredited training in a unique health-based approach to weight management and fat loss, my education and passion in naturopathic health and nutrition and my Personal Training experience and years competing at a high level as a GB age-grouper triathlete. As a qualified teacher and experienced mentor, I have the skills to individually tailor a programme, always committed to find ways to overcome challenges, with my natural empathy and desire to raise others up further complementing my service to others. I have an ever-deepening interest in alternative practices to support health and wellness with my recent 'deep dive' training into the chakra systems (the energy centres of our bodies) providing invaluable insight into the struggles we may experience when striving to become the highest version of ourselves.

Becoming a HIgher Version of You.

My intention is to make a difference by helping to empower you on your health and wellness journey as you make changes for Life.

If you feel that 2024 is the year for you to journey towards the highest version of you and you would like my guidance and support, I warmly welcome you to start your 90 Days for Life journey now!

Lisa Picton You '90 Days for Life' Coach

90 Days For Life!

Nutrition Guidance

Dietary monitoring & regular feedback with recommendations for optimal health and an optional practioner-led supplementation plan.

Weight Management

An individualised and health-focused weight management/fat loss plan, founded in a scientific approach and avoiding rigid methods to maximise chance of successful & sustainable results.

Fitness Plan

4 resistance workouts per week delivered through an interactive platform. Guidance for other physical activity.

Motivation & Support

Daily motivational messages with ongoing support & education on health and wellness practices. Optional signposting to other therapies that may support health & wellness journey.


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One-to-one coaching

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motivational message

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Personalised contact

Ready to become a higher version of you?

90 Days for Life Plan


  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Weight Management/Fat Loss Support
  • Workouts & Activity Guidance
  • Motivational messages & mentoring
  • And more .....

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