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Having spent 9 years in the Royal Marines, I experienced first hand what it is to be shaped from a 'blank canvas' of a person into a version of yourself that is beyond what you thought was possible - but as I have learned many times since, anything is possible. This experience far exceeded pure fitness, it was so much about mental strength and the human spirit. The 'community', the sense of belonging and serving a purpose for all, were a significant part of this life.

On leaving the Marines, I became a Personal Trainer and started my own business, "The Healthy Element".  This is also where my interest in nutrition evolved. I was training a Holistic Doctor who, at the age of 70, decided he would like to learn to run! Yes, anything is possible.  He was the founder of Nutritional Medicine in the UK and the more we spoke, the more the subject fascinated me.  This was far more than sports nutrition, this was about the effect that nutrition has at a cellular level - we were speaking amino acids & bowel flora here! Inspired, I  studied every course and subject that he wrote about and as Dr Plaskett retired, I was invited to run his courses as a distance-learning option. It was also Dr Plaskett that sowed the seed of spirituality within me and from there, I have myself embraced various forms of healing therapy to enhance my wellness.

During this time I also revisited the "Anything is Possible" mantra when I joined the triathlon community and started training and competing in Ironman competitions - a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a marathon was again as much about mental strength as fitness (especially when you were an 85kg guy suffering from cramp at the start of a marathon!).

I put The Healthy Element to one side as I focused on creating an online nutrition college however it now feels I can contribute to the services that we offer at Higher Health with a better understanding of what really constitutes good health. So whether you see yourself as a blank canvas, or partway down your path to optimum health, I can support your journey.  Anything is Possible.

Relevant Qualifications & Experience

  • 9 years service in Royal Marines
  • Premier Training & Devt. Diploma in Fitness Training & Sports Therapy
  • Body Max Instructor
  • Master Instructor in Indoor Cycling
  • Plaskett Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
  • Plaskett Diploma in Weight Management Consultancy
  • Plaskett Diploma in Iridology

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