About Lisa

My Story

My passion and interest in health & wellness started in 2002.

I hadn’t yet learnt how to deal with the anxieties and overwhelm that come with being a 'highly sensitive person' (HSP) and life circumstances got the better of me.  It was this at this time that I embarked on my journey into triathlon and soon learnt that sport was far better than any drug that I could be prescribed.  With the help of my nutritionist friend (and eventual partner), I also experienced first-hand the impact of good nutrition & supplementation on mental health and performance.

Having started out as a novice athlete in all disciplines of swim, bike & run, in 2005 I was proud to be on the start line of my first of many Ironman distance triathlon (2.4mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run).  I soon realised that I excelled over the longer distances and before long became competitive as an age-group athlete . As a secondary school teacher, I decided to reduce my teaching hours, eventually stopping altogether to concentrate on building our own business and creating a more balanced and positive lifestyle.


My years of competing included 12 Ironman distance races alongside numerous (too many to count!) half Ironman, Olympic & sprint distances, cycling time trials, duathlons & running races.  My successes culminated in representing Great Britain at 4 World Championship (2 x Kona) & European Championship events. I achieved a sub-11h Ironman and in the world of cycling time trials, I was the South West 50mile female champion for 3 consecutive years (mainly because no-one else was crazy enough!)

I was proud to be sponsored by top sports nutrition brand, USN, and was an ambassador for various bike and clothing/footwear manufacturers  through team Racetime Events.  I featured in numerous magazines, marketing brochures and earned the bragging rights of making the front cover of Functional Nutrition magazine!

New Beginnings

My last triathlon race was the European Championships in 2014. I then fell pregnant with my beautiful son, Barnaby! My new chapter as a mummy began.

'Training' per se was replaced by general exercise for fitness, adapting routines around parenthood and with a husky being the newest addition to our family, I now enjoy the growing sport of Canicross, running with dogs.

Higher Health

We all know that Life is not always all sunshine & smiles.  What a paradox it was to welcome the most beautiful stage of my life so far with my baby boy, and yet on an emotional level, life was challenging.  Struggling to heal (physically & mentally) from a traumatic birthing experience, suffering the heartache and loss with the passing of a very dear friend, the hurt & turmoil experienced with a family relationship breakdown and the immense separation anxiety felt with my little boy starting school at just 4 years old,  have all seen me reach for every tool in my kit for dealing with PTSD, grief & anxiety in the last 4 years.

It is in this most recent chapter of my life that I have really learned that health & wellness is multi-faceted.  Exercise, nutrition, meditation, healing therapies, nature &  essential oils, along with a loving & supportive community of friends & family, have been my repertoire.  For me, these continue to form the best prescription for living a positive life of health and wellness. This is what I wish to share with you through Higher Health.  For my part, I have created 90 Days for Life, a personal health and wellness package in a quest to guide others on their journeys to becoming the best versions of themselves.


  • Bsc in French, Spanish & International Business
  • PGCE in Secondary MFL
  • Future Fit Personal Training & Advanced Instruction
  • Future Fit Gym Instruction
  • Triathlon coaching experience (2 years)
  • Plaskett Certificate in Nutrition & Health
  • Plaskett Diploma in Weight Management Consultancy